What Do Green Anole Lizards Eat?

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As soon as your new anole lizard becomes acclimated to their new habitat, you’ll find their appetite will begin to manifest itself. A normal adult chameleon will eat several times per week, usually every other day or so. Smaller anoles that aren’t full grown will eat more often, perhaps once or twice daily.

Their feeding habits will remain fairly consistent over time. Don’t be alarmed if they go on a “hunger strike” for a few days or so, just as long as everything else appears to be normal. Anole lizards can go a week or even two without eating.

In terms of what to feed your pet, you have a few choices …

Green anole lizards will consistently eat and enjoy small soft shelled meal worms.
Young, soft shelled specimens are ideal because their shells aren’t fully developed. Hard shelled meal worms can cause digestion problems for green anoles.

Another food staple your green anole will love are small crickets. Avoid crickets that you might encounter outdoors or in your garage as they may be diseased. If you can, purchase small crickets online, as these are specifically intended for green anoles and similar small lizards.

In the warmer weather, you can place a small cut open piece of fruit in the terrarium to attract fruit flies which your pet will happily enjoy! Wingless fruit flies are another good choice, and you can often find these at pet centers.

Dietary Supplements For Green Anole Lizards

Even if your green anole’s diet is varied, they may still miss out on the dietary supplements (vitamins, needed minerals, etc.) required for long and healthy lives. With reptiles this small, it used to be difficult to administer any type of supplement, but fortunately there’s an easy way to get your pet the nutrition they need … simply use a multivitamin and mineral formula in powdered form.

Basically what you do is “dust” your anole’s food, such as a wax worm, small meal worm, small cricket, etc. in the multivitamin powder and your pet will get all the nutrition it needs. This powdered formula is quite inexpensive and comes highly recommended not only based on our experience, but other reptile experts as well …

It is absolutely fascinating to watch anoles eat. They stalk their prey and snatch it into their powerful little jaws in lightning quick fashion. You’ll enjoy observing them at feeding time … just be sure to give them enough space and privacy to stalk and consume their meal.

Anole lizards will only eat prey that is alive. They will ignore dead flies and dead mealworms, so remove them from their habitat immediately if you notice the insect has expired. If you plan on feeding your pet flies, one trick is to buy a small fish net with a handle. This will allow you to trap the fly and slightly stun it before placing it in the terrarium. Believe me, you’ll become an expert at “stunning” flies over time so they are still alive for your pet to cnsume! With that said, it’s best and safest to obtain your pets food from a reputable online source because this food is raised especially for pet reptiles.

We have also fed our anoles small bits of ripe fruit, like bits of grape, banana, or peaches. To entice your chameleon to eat it, we attach the small chunk of fruit to something that wiggles, like a straw piece plucked out of a broom. Your pet will be attracted to the movement and in time will learn that you’re providing them with a tasty little treat!

The most common cause of an anole lizard not eating is that they are frightened, upset, or cold. Make sure the terrarium is at or near the optimal temperature for your pet’s well being (over 75 degrees). To keep them warm, it’s a good idea to have a reptile heat lamp that spreads warmth over one side of the terrarium to give them a place to warm up.

If you have more than one anole in your terrarium, it’s possible one is intimidated by another. This is particularly true if their sizes are different, so try to house similar sized anoles in the same terrarium.

For more in depth information about anole lizard feeding and diet, be sure to grab your own personal copy of my new ebook, “Green Anole Lizards As Pets”, available as an immediate download from the link at the top of this page.

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