Compatible Species For Anoles

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While it’s possible to house other species along with your pet anole lizards, you’ll want to be careful as some species of reptiles will not coexist …

The first rule of thumb is to never overcrowd your terrarium. If you have a 20 gallon terrarium for example, two anoles is about right. You want to give your pets enough room to explore, enjoy their favorite hiding places, and live together happily.

Remember too that green anoles are solitary creatures … they will be quite happy living on their own. In the wild in fact, they stake out a small bit of ground as a territory, usually a few square feet … so a nice sized terrarium is a perfect territorial space.

Don’t feel compelled to own more than one green anole lizard (unless you want to) simply because you feel your pet needs companionship. They’re quite happy having space to call their own and reside in a stress free environment …

A larger tank or terrarium gives you more options. One issue with anole lizards is key though … never ever house two males together, no matter the size of the terrarium. They will be enemies, fight, and inevitably one will be unhappy, sulk, or even die.

It is perfectly ok to house females together, as long as they have enough space. One male and two or even three females is fine too, again depending on the space provided.

Housing Other Species With Green Anoles

In terms of other species, there are a few that will nicely coexist with green anole lizards. Two of the best are common house geckos and green tree frogs, both of which are generally available at large pet centers. One key with either of these species … house them only with adult green anoles. Smaller anoles will be frightened and quite possibly eaten.

Both common house geckos and green tree frogs are reasonably small, about 3-4 inches or so in length. Both of their diets are similar to green anole lizards, which makes things less complicated. If you house a green tree frog with your anoles, be sure to have a water dish for the frog and make sure they can climb in and out of the dish (not too deep!). Distilled water is best for the water dish.

We have never housed any other reptile species with our anoles, but we know fellow anole lovers who have done so successfully. The key is clearly understanding the needs of all species in your terrarium. If you are planning to house different species together, we recommend getting a terrarium larger than 20 gallons. Go with a 30 gallon or 50 gallon size which provides plenty of space.

Further, we suggest that only experienced pet reptile owners attempt housing several different species together. As with any pet, it’s best to ensure they are comfortable in their surroundings and secure in their daily routine. Quite often, the introduction of a new species will trigger behavior changes and result in a negative experience for not only the anole, but the other species as well.

In short, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Meaning, if you have any doubts about introducing another anole, or another species in your pet’s habitat, don’t do it. Green anole lizards are quite happy by themselves and having their own “turf”. They have less stress and tend to live longer, happier lives.

With that said, it’s perfectly acceptable to introduce your pet to a companion. The best companion for green anoles is, of course, another green anole. But as mentioned above, there are a number of compatible species which will generally exist quite happily with your pet.

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