Anole Color Changing

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Quite possibly the most unique attribute of anoles are their ability to change colors. Depending on their mood and other environmental factors, your small reptile may be light green, dark green, or various shdes of brown. They can and will change colors in less than a minute.

Color changes are a result of their skin pigmentation reacting to a change in mood, temperature, or other factors in their habitat. Many people who observe anole lizards suggest they are happy when they’re green, and unhappy when they’re brown. There is no evidence to suggest this is true, and because they change colors so frequently, it is likely just an old wives tale.

Temperature and Green Anoles

More likely the reason is temperature. Typically, but not always, when a chameleon is brown they are attempting to warm up. This might be true even when the temperature and humidity level within their habitat is at a perfectly ideal mark. Their bodies may be reacting to an external or internal stimulus which is completely normal and to be expected. If you suspect your anole lizard (or any other replite for that matter) is continually cold, look into a reptile halogen basking light, which will help your pet retain the warmth he needs to thrive.

Over the years, we have typically noticed our anole lizards tend to be brown during the night time hours when temperatures are cooler and they aren’t as active. The only time to really be concerned is if they develop large black “patches” behind each of their eyes as this is a symptom of illlness or aggressiveness, meaning, they may be alarmed at something. If this is the case, try to determine whether something in their environment has changed and rectify it.

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