Green Anoles: Perfect Pets

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Whether you currently own an anole or are thinking of bringing one or more into your home as pets, we hope you’ll find the information on this site helpful and useful!

Green anoles are native lizard to the southeastern United States and many parts of the Caribbean, and they’re known by almost as many names as their ever changing shades of color. Their official designation is anolis carolinensis, which indicates they are an anole that is native to the Carolina region of the United States.

But you will quite often hear these small reptiles referred to as anoles, green anoles, anole lizards, green anole lizards, and even chameleons. In truth, the anole isn’t directly related to the chameleon, which is native to Africa. About all an anole lizard has in common with the chameleon is their ability to change color.

Anole Lizards as Pets

One reason why anole lizards are so popular is that they make excellent pets. Decades ago, an anole could be expected to live about three years in captivity. Most anoles you can buy today have been bred in captivity, and as such, their life span is generally longer. Now, an anole lizard will typically live four years, five years, or even longer, assuming their care needs are met.

Compared to most other pets, including reptiles, anolis carolinensis is quite inexpensive to acquire and care for. Typically, you can bring an anole lizard into your home for less than $10 …

In terms of care, you’ll find all sorts of in depth information here on this site. We suggest you start with our article Anole Lizard Care Sheet in the right hand menu, which will tell you what you need and get you off to a good start with your pet. In general terms, green anoles need an ample sized terrarium with enough room for your pet to bask, explore, and climb. Be sure to check out the terrarium tips article to learn how to “decorate” the terrarium to mimic an anole’s natural habitat (it’s easy to do).

There are a few helpful additions to your terrarium which we strongly recommend for your pet’s health and comfort, like a reptile basking lamp and a reptile terrarium temperature and humidity gauge.

Anole lizards thrive with a fairly simple diet which you’ll find readily available online or at most pet centers. They will happily consume small meal worms, wingless fruit flies, wax worms, the occasional small cricket, and other insects. Should you trap a pesky fly in your home, your anole will devour it in a flash!

Anole Lizards: Personality Plus!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning anole lizards are their unique, playful personalities … they are quite entertaining to observe! They are a perfect pet for grade school age children, senior citizens, and everyone in between. Anoles are fairly self sufficient, as long as they are fed and their habitat warm and misted with water (they love humidity!)

Once your pet green anole lizard gets to know you and your voice, they may even crawl into your hand or fingers and bask in their warmth. Normally, anoles don’t like to be handled … but we have always found that after a few weeks or month, they become accustomed to your presence and voice. We have often sat with our anoles happily resting on our arm, hand, or shirt. They are curious little creatures and are actually quite tame, as long as they’re not handled roughly or unnecessarily.

We welcome you to explore this site and learn more about anolis carolinensis. You’ll find a series of informational articles to your right, along with a variety of tips to keep your pet happy and healthy … and for more in depth information, be sure to download a copy of our ebook, “Green Anole Lizards As Pets”, available to you as an instant download …

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